The Most Common Parts of Zippers That Break – Zipper Pulls

Zipper pulls are exactly what their name suggests. A zipper pull is composed of a fabric or metal loop attached through a hole of the zipper slider in a garment to add a bit of leverage for grasping the pull as well as a small button or a large one that can be customized to suit any specific need.

As long as a garment has a zipper, you can virtually add this simple but useful feature.

The button that serves as the pull is also customizable in whatever way according to your needs.

Would you like to use these as name tag or do you plan to use these as mementos? Whatever your plans might be, zipper pulls can be personalized as you please.

Today, zipper pulls are no longer just meant to make unzipping even the smallest items easier and less of a hassle as there are already businesses that use them for promotions.

Unfortunately, this important part of a zipper also happens to be the part that tends to break most of the time.

You might think that zipper pulls are nothing but the smallest parts of an outfit. But, despite their small size, zipper pulls have earned an important spot in the world of fashion not just as functional pieces but also as accessories.

Zipper pulls can easily change the look of an entire outfit. This can transform the plainest ensemble into something that can make a statement as they automatically add more aesthetic value to an outfit to make it pop and stand out from the rest.

But probably the most amazing thing about these small accessories is that they can add a touch of something unique to any outfit.

For instance, zipper pulls can make an ordinary looking body con dress appear absolutely sexy particularly when the zipper is located on the side or at the front. This can give off that discreet flirty dress expected out of a body con dress.

Zipper pulls can also evoke a sporty feel on sports jackets or hoods. Add them to a crop top with a zipper on the front and it will surely look more sophisticated than casual.

For kids, zipper pulls could also be used as a way to identify their clothes that are often prone to getting lost or misplaced. Zipper pulls in different colors can add a feel of playfulness and warmth while fun items like love hearts, flowers, and dog bones can make them appeal more to kids.

For the gents, good round zipper pulls can add a sportier casual feel to hoodies or jackets. This can go a long way in complementing other accessories such as neck pieces or watches. The addition of these manly features on zipper pulls like the tie can further boost the masculine feel of an outfit.

As you can see, zipper pulls are small items with big functions. So, if your zipper pulls break, make sure you get a good replacement as soon as possible.

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