Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Nothing sucks more than applying makeup every day and what makes it even worse is struggling to achieve that perfect look that you only can get from professional makeup artists. It is for these reasons why permanent makeup is becoming a top choice for many makeup enthusiasts out there. Are you considering getting permanent or semi-permanent makeup? Are you worried about the risk factors? Well, you are not alone. The safety of permanent makeup has been a hot topic for debate in the past few months. This article will shed some light on the safety concerns for permanent makeup.

Before we get to that, you are probably asking yourself why it is so popular. Well, the answer to this is simple. Research has shown that women spend at least an hour every day applying makeup. And, it is estimated that the average woman will spend over £20,000 on cosmetics during the course of their lives. When you do the math, this means that applying makeup isn’t only time consuming, but it is very expensive.

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is the solution to all the above concerns. It can give you a semi-permanent lip colour, eyeliner and define your eyebrows perfectly for the next year or so.

The Safety of Permanent Makeup

There is not much difference between permanent makeup and tattooing. It entails the insertion of pigments into the dermis layer of your skin. Majority of the changes are made on the lips, eyes, brows and are made to imitate cosmetics applied to such areas. The results of permanent makeup lighten up as your skin heals, and it can last for months or years.

The good news when it comes to permanent makeup is that it is considered safe. However, it does carry the same risk as other tattoos that you would get in other body parts. But since the latter, tattooing that is, has become conventional in the modern-day world. Permanent makeup is still a new hype in the market. Therefore, it is advisable that you proceed with caution. This means that you should work with professionals only. Permanent makeup isn’t a service that you can just get anywhere. Bear in mind that the tattooing is done on sensitive parts such as the brow and lips. Therefore, your cosmetic tattooist needs to use state of the art and well-sanitized equipment. They should also be skilled and licensed. They should also observe hygiene before, during and after the procedure. This entails using fresh sets of needles, wearing gloves and meeting all health requirements.

One of the biggest risks of permanent makeup is getting an infection from the process. However, as long as the technician observes all health and safety protocols, you can be assured of a successful procedure.

There are also some other safety concerns raised by the FDA regarding allergic reactions to pigments inserted to your skin. Though rare, these allergic reactions can be hard to treat because it will be difficult to remove them from your body. To avoid this, you need to talk about cosmetic tattooing with your physician before the process to rule out any allergic reactions.

Later on, after the process, if you have to undergo an MRI. You need to inform the technician because some people who have permanent makeup experience burning and swelling when they undergo MRIs.

In summary, permanent makeup is safe. You should, however, ensure that it is done by a professional and they use sterilized equipment. You should also know that the process of cosmetic tattooing might be a bit discomforting, but anaesthetics are administered to ease off the pain. To avoid any health concerns, always discuss getting permanent makeup with your doctor first.

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