Right Details You Should look Into with the Empire Dresses

Empire dresses are also known by the term “empire cut” or “empire waist”, this dress model has some striking features and causes some controversy about the ideal biotype to wear it.

What is an empire dress?

Despite being a famous model and widely used at various times, it is not easy to find good information about it. Exactly why we are going to address all aspects of empire dresses, and give super tips for you to rock the look. Starting with the simplest: The empire cut dress is marked on the bust and has a sash just below the mark. This feature provides a good fit to the chest, falling looser to the feet.

The great touch of this model is that the mark on the bust followed by the horizontal band provides a great contrast that favors the waist. The reason is that the region of the sash will always be smaller than that of the bust or waist, emphasizing the silhouette.

This makes empire dresses look great on many different body types. They are great to help hide your tummy, but they also dress skinny girls very well. The marking on the bust restricts its use a little: It is great for small and medium breasts, but makes it inadvisable for those with very large breasts.

Ideal size of empire cut dress

When it comes to size, empire dresses are the subject of some debate, and it is possible to find contradictory information.

Its historical origin, emerging in Greece and ancient Rome and becoming popular in the 18th century, lends a romantic air to many designers in the construction of dresses of this model. Characteristic that makes him loved by many brides, and made the model very common with dress sizes that go up to the feet.

But the ideal size that provides the best fit are empire dresses that end just above the knee, due to their slightly higher waistline.

Tips for wearing an empire dress

First and foremost: a suitable bra. Making a mistake in this choice can give the bust a wrong fit and damage your figure a lot. As important as this is for anything you wear, it is essential to choose a good bra to go with an empire dress.

The waist line does not necessarily need to be just below the bust line. Especially if you have a protruding tummy involved, the sash can end the waist for good and leave the silhouette disproportionate. In these cases, an empire dress with a wide sash just below the mark may be the best for your look.

Look for dresses that will not fill the waist area much, just to prevent excess fabric or details from giving the area a wider look. The same goes for pleats. Be careful how the details of the dress will detail your waist.

Putting on the look with an empire dress

Use accessories. As much as the empire dress has features that already give great details to the look, it is more beautiful and more complete with the right accessories.

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