4 Ways to Make A Fashion Statement with Formal Shoes

No matter what you wear, your footwear makes a significant difference to your personality. While selecting the right outfit, it is imperative to pick the proper footwear. When it comes to men’s fashion, formal shoes play a prominent role in the overall styling. You cannot miss out on the opportunity to add elegance and sophistication to the look with a pair of formal shoes

There are plenty of formal footwear for men available in the market, but you always need to formulate a fashion pattern to pick the right product. If you also find it difficult to make a decision while buying men’s formal footwear, you have come to the right place.  

#1 Consider The Right Fabric

Formal shoes speak a lot more than your clothes, so you need to concentrate on the fabric that particularly prepares the footwear. Leather is considered the favourite fabric for formal shoes due to its durability and elegant look. For instance, Derby shoes are the best example of leather-based shoes. 

#2 Pick Up The Classic

When it comes to picking formal footwear for men, you can never go wrong with classics. If too many options bog you, you can always incline to a classic style. Closed lacing, round front pattern, and sturdy built can easily beat the crowd irrespective of the occasion. The formal Oxford shoes are the best classic pair you can pick. 

#3 Be Choosy With the Colors

Gone are the days when black was considered a formal colour on men’s shoes. Today, men believe in experimenting and bringing unusual colours to mainstream footwear fashion. You can see colours from tan brown to navy blue in the formal collection. Experiments are most welcome, but you also consider the styling option when picking any particular colour.

#4 Always Try To Twist The Style

Formal shoes do not always mean that you have to follow the long-established rules. It is good to break some rules and bring a personalized touch to your footwear style. Let’s take an example of monk shoes with a buckle or semi-formal boots. You must explore all the options and then pick an ideal shoe for yourself. Today, you can scroll through different formal shoe designs online and pick the right style for yourself. It is that simple to curate your own fashion statement. 

#5 Learn To Wear Them Properly

You have bought the right pair of shoes in the best colour and pattern, but if you don’t learn to wear them properly, your efforts will go in vain. The way you wear your formal shoes is going to reflect on your style. For instance, if laces are not your cup of tea; you can turn to loafers or slip-on. Some loafers have attached laces, giving the appearance of lace shoes. Either way, you need to pick a shoe and learn to wear it in the best way. 

These were the best tips you must keep handy whenever you are picking men’s shoes to add that classic vibe to the overall personality. 

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