Challenges between shirt colors

The shirt is among the strong points of the male wardrobe. While the more classic white shirt is often a symptom of firmness and formality, on the other hand there is a great demand in the customization of this garment that always remains the top, even through the service of different online stores, such as  man shirt colour .

The sure elegance of the classic

Until a few years ago the immaculate white shirt was the only model for a man of respect. Almost considered as a sort of recognition and status symbol. Slowly transformed the concept, it turned to consider the blue nuance, instead, even more versatile because it adapted well to any type of complexion, from the lightest to the olive. In short, it is clear that a plain-colored shirt is the style-saving alternative for all men, since it is a model that is suitable for formal occasions, unless they are particularly bright colors.

This is not the most obvious option. In fact, it can range from many types of fabric, which depending on the workmanship and texture can change their use The Oxford fabric, with a dotted look, is especially suitable for shirts with a button-down collar and breast pocket, the pin point, more prized than the previous one, is typically used for elegant shirts, while the twill, which produces an iridescent effect, is used for semi-formal occasions. Poplin is one of the most common, especially in the spring or summer collections, but its variant. Let us not forget that then linen is very popular today. It is a very fine fabric, which thanks to its thermoregulating properties is good to wear during the hot seasons.

Never miss the fantasy

Certainly a sports model, but also a very trendy one, can be considered the plaid shirt, produced in a wide range of fabrics. These include cotton, linen, denim and soft flannel, there is something for everyone. But today not only paintings are fashionable.

For men there are no limits or restrictions in the wardrobe. Colors, shades and applications are welcome. Just apply them well and do not make mistakes

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