The Difference Between Wristband and Bracelet?

A wristband and bracelet are sometimes difficult to differentiate from each other. Though both may be used for similar purposes. The wristband is a general term for items that can be worn around the wrist for several uses that may include sporting activities or watches whereas the bracelets like the wristbands are worn on the wrist to serve as jewellery. Below are some of the accepted definitions:

Core Definitions

According to WikiDiff, a meanings comparison site, several definitions describe the two side by side. First, the description for a bracelet is “a band or chain is worn around the wrist as jewellery or ornament” while the wristband defined as “the cuff of a sleeve the wraps around the wrist.” Now considering the two definitions, we see that from the standard definition, the two are different in what they could mean. The context in which they refer to may also cause the meanings to change. Say a bracelet can be used by allies to refer to a friendship bracelet showing how they bond while a wristband could be used to mean a watch strap or a brand awareness band.

Other Definitions

Wikipedia generally describes a wristband as “any encircling strip worn on the wrist or lower forearm.” A bracelet falls within this definition according to the website. Now considering other definitions provided by the WikiDiff website, the bracelet could mean “The strap of a wristwatch used to secure it around the wrist.” For this case thus, it can be considered a watch wristband. It further defines it historically as “A piece of defensive armour for the arm.” The armour was applicable during the old age when wars were prevalent and served as protection. In this case, it is considered a protection wristband.

Bracelet definition origin

For many varying reasons, the bracelet was used (or is being used) for socio-cultural activities that may include friendship, religion, witchcraft, charm, divination and many other cultural practices. From these definitions thus, the several collections of bracelets when being dealt with in a group can be referred to as wristbands but when the context is specific, then they are seen to as bracelets, and their actual role stated before the word bracelet. For example, for charming purposes, a charm bracelet could be worn on the wrist.

Final word 

A bracelet can also refer to as an “armband” or a “bangle” both of which are intended specific functions, say, decoration. Thus, when talking about the bracelet, it is good to refer to it with specificity in context.

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