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Since creating our recent post about Chanel’s fashion advertising over time it was interesting to find out how the high end brands haven’t actually changed or discovered another means their advertising very much over time.

From 1920 -2012 the fashion advertising agencies Chanel have worked with have created the sort of fashion advertising which you would expect to find out. Ie for attractiveness advertising campaigns there exists a beautiful model together with her face close to a bottle regarding perfume and for fashion advertising campaigns there are models posing inside the stylish clothes.

From the fashion advertising campaigns from Chanel that individuals show on our blog those who I think are really strong are the fashion advertising campaigns using a concept and a fresh way of showing the item and the emotion connected with it.

The beauty advertising for Chanel simply no. 5 which shows the quantity 5 made coming from large gold dots with all the model wrapped inside fine gold fabric hovering on the number with scent spraying around her can be a creative idea, a fresh way of exhibiting the perfume while still communicating the luxurious brand values of Chanel’s most famous perfume.

Tom Ford provides used concepts to promote his perfumes. Tom Ford’s fashion branding is focused on sex and even when we don’t want it and some regarding his fashion advertising campaigns are truly vulgar and also show women since skin and bones he’s got a strong concept plus a strong brand concept. One of his campaigns that we did really just like was a perfume advertisement with all the bottle pressed among two round breasts pushed along with fingers with vivid red nails : overtly sexual and completely directed at men.

The fashion advertising and marketing agency that created the fashion advertising campaigns regarding Lacoste moved Lacoste on from like a clothing brand selling sportswear with a fashion brand in which everyone wanted to engage in. The fashion advertising and marketing agency changed the particular ads from photos of model’s enjoying tennis outside, to images regarding models flying from the air in any studio – during space with the particular strapline Lacoste: Slightly air on earth/ Not peu d’air sur terre. This fashion advertising agency mixed a thought with brilliant fine art direction and turned the fashion brand around almost instantly

Of course trend brands and high end brands don’t constantly want concepts and also great ideas powering their campaigns. Very often fashion advertising agencies must understand that the fashion and luxury branding is quite much about speaking the aspiration, status as well as the emotion associated together with purchasing luxury goods today. Luxury fashion brand names want their trend advertising agencies and also fashion branding agencies to generate images of high end and beauty which can be foremost about decadence, satisfaction and desire.

DSquared can be an interesting fashion brand while they really tell testimonies and set scenes inside their fashion advertising. Often there is a dark edgy playfulness with their fashion advertising promotions with sexual displays of dominance and also power.

Fashion advertising organizations and fashion branding agencies for instance Beloved Media generate fashion brands by means of images, logos and also fashion film.

Beloved Media’s first fashion advertising for Australian Merino Wool had a solid concept, strapline and online strategy to communicate. We photographed any merino wool lamb in Australia and also added him in to the fashion shots that individuals took on the particular Southbank in London to generate an image that basically talked about wool inside the language of trend. We created the online strategy and tagline SIMPLY NO FINER FEELING.

The fashion advertising campaign is probably the most important means of getting the brand name message across. And even though fashion advertising agencies must keep discovering new ways of presenting the fashion advertising campaigns for clientsArticle Search, you will need to keep consistency also to communicate the brand and its particular heritage.

This is why it absolutely was so interesting for us to consider luxury brand Chanel’s fashion advertising from the last 90 decades. To see just how fashion advertising organizations have kept the particular Chanel brand extremely clearly communicated while quite subtly transforming the images through the entire years. At fashion advertising and marketing agency Beloved Mass media we do believe it is time for trend and luxury brands to get more creative making use of their fashion advertising and also let their trend advertising agencies and also fashion branding agencies produce new ways of fabricating their fashion advertising campaigns.

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