Key Steps to Choose the Right Bra to Sublimate your Outfit

What woman has not dreamed of a wordrobe which would made all of her friends and acquaintances green with envy? To make it happen, it is important to follow some ground rules and it begins with the correct choice of a bra. Knowing how to choose the right lingerie set is not necessarily something that comes naturally, it might be learned. To become an expert on the subject, here are the steps you really should know.

Choose the Right Bra Size

To have the perfect bra, you first need to calculate your chest size and your bust measurement with a tape measure. The results will let you know your cup size. However, try to re-measure regularly in case your body has changed. That is why the cup size can vary from one year to another. Every woman has her own morphology and her own breast shape. That also counts when you have to pick the right size for your bras.

Try Some Bras

Now that you know your cup size, it is time to go to a lingerie boutique to buy the perfect model. You can also opt for a bra sets wholesale to have a wider choice for a rock-bottom price. Notice that some models are more suitable to large chest and other are better for small breast. Do not hesitate to ask the seller or a sales assistant to know which model of bra suits you the best. Then, try some models to see if they really fit you.

Focus on Comfort

Having a pretty bra is one thing but it is also essential to choose models which make you very comfortable. Knowing the right size and the right design of a bra is already a win but your comfort remains a crucial factor. The cups have to hold the breasts in place without tighten them. The hooks should not lift up nor lower. While you try the bras you like, do not forget to adjust the rows of the hooks to link the eyes and see if the bra fits well.

Choose the Right Type of Wires

The wires which are the metal semi-circles positioned at the base of the cups must adhere perfectly to the breasts, hug and hold them correctly. The wires are there to beautify the shape of the bra and your chest. To that end, make sure that your breasts fill in the cups and the nipple are placed in the middle. The wires should stay under the chest in a natural way. They also should be very comfortable.

Pick the right color

Ideally, it is better to wear a bra that beautify your chest and you figure without being seen underneath the clothes. Thus, the color choice is important. It always depends on the type and the color of the clothes you want to wear with it. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to buy many bras of different colors to match every outfit of yours. Once you have followed all of these steps, you can be sure to have the most beautiful bras in your closet.

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