Unequaled Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas That You Would Love

Why would one wed to one and become two? Because perhaps it becomes little easy to tread the life journey which many think cannot be walked alone. Whatever you think your choice but if you are going to wed someone soon then here are some pre wedding shoot ideas that you can read here and apply for your own wedding. Pre wedding shoots have become normal now and almost every couple goes for it. It is like seeing your life just before the wedding, capturing memories of youthfulness and energy. So here are some below that you find attractive for your own wedding.

Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas That You Would Love

We both sailing in a boat: Romantic, breeze flowing, orange sun shining, birds chirping, you can touch some clouds that have come down and you with your beau lying in a boat which is slowly moving with the shimmery water and up in the clouds a drone is taking your photos. What kinds of photos you think would come? Awesome. This kind of pre wed shoot is possible at water locations, perfect nature scenery. For a boat, for a lake and for your own sake, you have to go a bit far for this photo take.

Colors of love: You remember those songs of Bollywood where a heroine dances with a hero and behind them some smoky colors flow. That color is holi color thrown by someone to create colorful background. You can also use it for pre wed. Just go to some greeny park and shoot there but protect your eyes when go through the color if a shot requires.

In a forest love happens: You might have read many stories of a prince and a princess where they meet in a jungle somehow and love happens. Jungle is an interesting location for pre wed. Don’t worry tiger wouldn’t come there. Among long standing trees and greens, you can pose with your love. There are many visiting forests in India. And just remember take a good photographer who knows how to shoot in exotic locations.

In Desert: Where there is only sky and sand and nothing else, there you can shoot also. We are talking about desert location. These kinds of locations can add dramatic look to photos. You just need to style up well for it.

We both love this: When you become a life partner, there are some likes between both of you that match. So those things that you both share love for, can also be used for pre wed. Suppose that you both like gardening, then photos can be shot of gardening. Whatever you love, get shot it together.

Beach memories: Beaches, what do you think about these? Sun or moon, whatever you like, in front of water, with some pegs of wine and laughter, a perfect place for pre wed memories. Drink, wink and in arms of each other and get clicked. Just make sure your photographer doesn’t sleep with extra dose of wine!

Your pet and you both: “Puppy chaiye ya puppi chaiye” (want puppy or kisses), remember this dialogue from “Dhadak” movie? For pre wed you can have both. Your puppy and kisses on cheeks. This can be an amazing bond of love if captured. So what are you waiting for?

In water and in air: Underwater love, though not easy to capture but great to show. If you and your partner are little bit courageous then just dive into water and get clicked there. A totally different experience for whole life time that will immortalize you. Just do reverse of it and you can also go into air. Get into a hot air balloon and go up high, show your love and get clicked. Just remember don’t be superman in air. You are there only for pre wed shoot.

International locations: You have travelled whole India and want something different; some new destinations, you can go international. Great exotic locations are there and a whole new world.

Besides all that, if your wedding destination is in Jaipur and you are soon going to wed, you can hire wedding photographers in Jaipur for pre wedding shoot and whole wedding functions.


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